We’re Team CrafterStudio24

About Us

CrafterStudio24 is the trading name for Studio24 Digital Ltd. We’re a creative design agency based out in the UK. We bring together a seasoned team of designers and marketers who understand the nuances of designs that matter and appeal to book readers of all age groups and genres. So, we think about your customers while serving you.


Our Commitment to Quality

We understand that it takes many to service one. That lays the foundation for the wide variety of creative enthusiasts you’d find in our team. All our people at CrafterStudio are those immensely in love with designing as a profession, especially for books.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to deliver covers and illustrations ‘exactly how you want it’. For us, the goal is always excellence and hence, we do not mind iterations. We constantly refactor till we reach the level of your true delight and contentment. We’ve always believed in co-creation, and we walk the journey of excellence together with you.

Our mission remains to create the most compelling designs for the UK's most compelling stories authored by people of repute.


Our Story

We are a group of digital art designers dedicated to the success of authors and self-publishers in the UK. We are a team with a unified goal of helping the books reach the right audience.

The key people in our team have spent several years in the UK markets to understand the needs of the authors. Their awareness and familiarity with the expectations of authors in the UK have become the cornerstone for our success.

By now, we’ve started to see art with the same lens as most authors do.

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